Creative Mysticism





Hello friends! My name is Julia Luke and I am a psychic medium and an intuitive artist from Tacoma, Washington. I have been creating art since early childhood, but really started to channel art unconsciously in my early twenties after a severe car accident that resulted in a near death experience(NDE).  The car crash and NDE was a turning point in my life, and it’s when I began to create art through trance channeling which I experienced as an intense sense of peace and love which gave meaning to my life when previously I was aimless.

Since that life-changing event, I have pursued art full time with an inner calling toward the path as a channel of spirit through my art, council, and readings. As a creative mystic, an empathic healer, and a messenger between worlds I have walked the path of abuse, dysfunction and painful life experiences as initiations that guided me inwards to hear my own soul during the darkest of hours of my life. I have been creating therapeutic, intuitive, and psychic art for seventeen years, reading oracle and tarot cards for over ten years, and giving psychic medium readings for eight years.

I deliver messages and energy in my art as it comes to me. Each type of art medium will change how it appears and how it feels which is why mixed media is my favorite method of creating art. I feel like a variety of tools gives me the most freedom to express the diversity of what I am tuning into and receiving energetically. I have many styles of creating which facilitate exploration of the unknown. The variety of creative tools mimic how I use my Clair Senses to communicate with spirit, including clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience-empathic (clear feeling), claircognizant (clear knowing), clairscent (clear smelling), and channeling.

There is a perception that if you are a psychic medium and in tuned with spirit, your artwork should look a certain way, which tends to acknowledge the light yet dismiss the teaching of the darker aspects of life which have no judgment from spirit. Spirit honors freewill and the lessons of growth it gives us in life.  Without the dark we could not value the light. Editing out the negative lessons in life is limiting oneself from learning, growing, and experiencing the rich consciousness of oneself.  By not loving both the light and dark aspects of oneself unconditionally, you are not honoring your own free choice and the vast creative expression of the universal consciousness that created us.

My artwork is encoded with seeds of heart-consciousness that remind all the souls that are drawn to my channeling that they are loved by the creative source of the universe. These seeds help remind your hearts that you are indeed birthed from love. You are magnificent creators worthy of believing in yourself, loving yourself, and being your true self. I am a mirroring empath, if you listen to the whispering of my archetypes it will give you guidance in many subtle and direct ways, known and unknown, and given with love.

Much love and may your visions be illuminated.

Julia Luke